Was your web site good five years ago but has since lost it appeal.
Is your traffic off and the conversions down… I can help!!

35 point Usability Checklist

A comprehensive checklist is used to analyze your web site and identify areas where improvement will increase traffic and
increase conversions. The home page should be easy to scan and designed to get the visitor through
to your call to action increasing the conversion rate.

About Me

I am a Freelance Copywriter with a unique background that includes an engineering degree, a MBA from Stanford and eight years as a Director of Construction. This training makes it easy to describe products and services in the Home Improvement Industry and to identify benefits.

I also provide Case Studies and White Papers for growth companies that help push new products and services into the market.

I also spent over fifteen years as a management analyst working for over 200 public agencies of all sizes. This results in a more accurate analysis without needing a lot of your time. I also have over twenty years experience as a CFO of two large public agencies, enabling the production of clear and accurate financial analysis.