I have the experience and training necessary to update your web site and enhance the content in your marketing. I have a mixture of skills that you wont find in the typical copywriter or management analyst. I also have an unusually analytical mind that can sort through complex issues and data and pull out patterns, trends, and key facts. I have done hundreds of interviews and am able to draw out the needed information in relatively short periods of time.

I work well with marketing and sales staff and understand what they need to increase
sales. I have high integrity and an exceptional work ethic which means projects are
done on time.

My training and experience in finance, engineering and management means that I can do a range of projects that most others consultants are unable to do. My range of experience also allows me to assist the company in areas outside those being covered by the current project. I also do not shy away from a challenge. I am focused on achieving goals. even if the odds are against getting them accomplished.