Updating Your Web Site

I use a 35 item usability checklist to analyze the web site fully covering the content and structure of all pages in the site.
It identifies strengths and weaknesses and tests navigation and links.

The site should include fresh content that is easy to scan and provides a clear focus that results in the desired call to action. The intent is also to reduce the bounce rate and increase the number of conversions.

Today’s web copy is dramatically different than the typical print copy. It should focus on what the customer is looking for and lead him to the desired action. Company information is included but in relation to what the service means to the customer and how it meets the client needs.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is included in the update of the web site. Every page should include the unique words and phrases that are needed for effective SEO. This includes both the title key words as well as key phrases in the meta description. Strategic and ethical use of key words are used throughout the site to raise the Google ranking.

I also have extensive experience in case studies and white papers.